Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The power of positive thought

Earlier this year I visited Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia with my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday. We had an amazing trip together and on the last day I randomly mentioned to him that my life would be complete if I could only pat a rabbit and a guinea pig that day. That evening we walked into a market and right there in front of us was a man at a table with a rabbit and guinea pig, asking for coin donations in return for patting his pets.

This might seem like a small deal, but since that moment I've been thinking about the law of attraction and whether it really exists, or a lot of funny coincidences just get thrown my way.
But the more I think about this, the more I wonder if it really even matters?

If you were wishing for something wonderful only to then have it happen in your life and it filled you with joy and positivity and inspiration, then does it even matter if it's only a coincidence? Does it lessen its beauty?

Even if positive thinking means that we just notice the good opportunities that are constantly in front of us more often, that counts for something. It counts for a lot.

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