Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Spirit...

I’ve been thinking, what if you woke up like it was Christmas morning, every morning? Jumped out of bed with enthusiasm and vigour, announced your love for your family and your appreciation of everyone you held dear. 

Laughed and played games and didn’t feel guilty for eating naughty foods or staying up past your bedtime when you’ve got things to do in the morning.

 Didn’t spare a thought for the things that normally get you down. Worked super hard at your job like it was a pleasure just to be there, didn’t say anything mean to anyone all day and didn’t speak behind anyone’s back.  

Wore your favourite dress and laughed with open-mouthed abandon.

Sang songs and watched cheesy Hollywood films in the evening and fell asleep exhausted at night with a smile on your face. 

Not too bad.

How hard would it be to be this best version of yourself every day, or as many days as possible?

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